Solar Film For Conservatories

UV Film for Conservatory Roof & Windows

Whether you’re struggling with the excessive heat of your conservatory within the summer months, or are looking for UV protection for your belongings from the suns UV rays throughout the year, Filmcote have you covered. Having an uncomfortably hot conservatory reduces everyday tasks such as reading books, on the computer or watching TV to a sluggish rate.

If this is a problem you are currently facing, Filmcote can help. As a supplier of solar film for conservatories – both roofing and windows, we can assist in reducing the rays that are transmitted through the roof by 80% for solar heat, 85% for solar glare and 99% of potentially damaging ultra-violet light.

Based in Bristol we supply many conservatories and homes with solar window film solutions throughout the South West including: Bath, Swindon, Wiltshire, Gloucestershire and even Cardiff.

Whether you have a polycarbonate roof, or glass roof, our conservatory solar film solutions are available for both roofing types.

For more information on solar film for conservatory roof and windows, please take a look at our conservatory film section of the website, or alternatively click on the options below:

Polycarbonate Window Film & Roof Solutions

Conservatory Glass Film & Roof Film Solutions

Get your conservatory back to a suitable room temperature – without making it cold. With solutions from Bristol’s no. 1 supplier of window film – including conservatory solar film, throughout the region. Please contact our team or submit an enquiry and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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