Heat Reduction Film

Heat reduction film reduces the uncomfortable build-up of heat in the workplace.

Heat Reduction Window Film for Commercial Businesses


Heat reduction film can significantly reduce the build-up of heat in offices and domestic properties.

The Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations 1992 stipulate that workplace temperatures must be “reasonable”. Too much heat can cause fatigue, dehydration and dizziness – and it’s hard to concentrate and be at your best when you’re unpleasantly warm.

Air conditioning can help, but often its effect is localised, creating “cold spots” in an otherwise hot building. Installing heat reduction film can reduce temperature fluctuations creating a comfortable environment for your colleagues and equipment (servers, for example, dislike excessive heat as much as your colleagues do…)


Our specialist heat reduction film filter the infra-red part of the electromagnetic spectrum, cutting heat by up to 90%. Our heat reduction film is available in a range of shades and finishes, including spectrally selective films – which is virtually invisible yet can still cut up to 50% of solar heat.

Our heat reduction film can be seen throughout many commercial and residential properties throughout the South West. Offering solutions for many customers throughout Bath, Taunton, Wiltshire, Swindon and Bristol, to discuss your requirements in further detail, please contact us.

Filmcote’s Heat Reduction Film In Use – Before & After


Heat Reduction Window Film for Residential & Domestic Properties

Whether it’s the conservatory thats a heat trap, or you’ve unfortunately been presented with a main window within a new property you’ve recently bought, here at Filmcote we have the domestic solutions to heat reduction throughout the home too. For more information, please contact our sales team today – who will arrange a time at your convenience to talk through your requirements.