Anti Fade Window Film

UV Protection Window Film from Filmcote

Fading can cause irreversible damage to fabrics, paints and flooring – protect your valuables and furnishings with anti fade window film. If you’re thinking “are there any anti fade window film companies near me?” – Filmcote is your answer. Working throughout the South West of England and Wales, we hold knowledge and experience in provide the solutions to fading problems that can occur.

Ultra-violet (UV) light accounts for around 40% of fading – cut out the UV, cut down on costly stock loss or ugly sun-fading patterns on furnishings. The other causes are visible light (25%), heat (25%) and the remaining 10% is “miscellaneous” (for example, dye-fastness).

Our Solar Window Film solutions filter 99% of damaging ultra-violet light. They also protect from other causes of fading to different degrees, depending on the film.

UV Protection Statistics

Filmcote’s anti fade window film provides a cost-effective solution to sun-damage. Our solar window films filter 99% of harmful UV light. Our films also filter the other causes of fading (heat and visible light), protecting your valuables. UV-filtering window film is of great benefit to art galleries, museums and shops.

Filmcote’s UV Protection and Anti-Fade Window Film in use:

Anti Fade Window Film

Based in Bristol, Filmcote offer anti fade film solutions throughout the South West including areas of Bath, Taunton, Swindon, Avon, Somerset, Wiltshire and Cardiff. To find out more information regarding our UV Protection and anti fade Window Film available from Filmcote, please contact us today.