Solar Window Film

We love the sunshine – but you can have too much of a good thing. Get protected with Solar Window Film to prevent sun damage.

Solar Window Film installation is the perfect solution for many businesses and shops. Why? Excessive heat from the sun makes workplaces less productive, homes uncomfortable, and conservatories practically unusable. Excessive glare from the sun can cause eyestrain and headaches and make screens annoyingly difficult to look at. Ultra-violet light is the main cause of fading – leading to shopping window stock, artwork, furniture, and flooring that is irreversibly damaged. With Filmcote’s team of solar film installation specialists coming equipped with many years’ experience in installing solar window film, we have a variety of  sun & heat reducing window film solutions that fit the needs of your building or property.

Heat Reduction Window Film:

Solar Window Film Installation by Filmcote

Whether you want to protect the works in your art gallery, packing on products that are displayed near your shop window or simply make your conservatory a more pleasant place to sit, we have a range of solar window films to suit your needs.

UV Window Film:

Solar Control Film Banner

UV Window Film is also used for domestic, commercial, and business properties. Helping prevent sun damage to furniture and stock stored in warehouses and offices, UV Window Film will aid in protecting you from sun exposure whilst working in sun-trapped environments. Designed to protect against harmful UltraViolet rays, Filmcote can install Ultra-Violet Film as part of our Solar Window Film solutions.

 Conservatory Solar Window Film :

Solar Reflective Film for Conservatories

At Filmcote, we also supply and install solar reflective film for conservatories – to keep you cool throughout the summer months, and make your living space a much pleasurable temperature.

Anti-Glare Window Film:

Anti-Glare Commercial Window Film

Some homes and businesses require heat and glare reduction film to increase productivity and keep glare at bay when in a working or relaxed home environment. Light can be a problem in situations – whether you’re at a computer screen or watching the TV, an anti-glare film installation can minimise the sun’s glare and will work instantly after installation.


Reduce Fading and Save Energy with Solar Control Window Film

The sunlight reflecting off of windows or other reflective surfaces can cause severe headaches and eyestrain for anyone who is around it. This problem has only grown worse in recent years with our increasing dependency on digital screens. While some companies have attempted to develop a solar reflective film to solve this widespread issue , many of these options are costly or do not provide adequate protection. Let the sunshine in. 

You don’t have to hide behind heavy curtains or room-darkening shades for relief from the sun. Keep your home bright and open to outdoor views with solar window film that reflects away harsh UV rays, heat and glare providing improved comfort and protection  

Solar window film — tame heat, help reduce fading, and save energy. At Filmcote, we understand your need for non-invasive ways to solve this pain point. That’s why we offer the best  heat reflective window film solution. Solar window film provides an easy way to protect everyone around you from the negative effects of solar glare. 

Filmcote solar window films are available in a variety of shades to suit your needs. Customised solar window film can even improve thermal insulation during these hotter months so you can save money on cooling costs leaving you more funds for summer fun. Read on to find out more about our range of solar window film available – then contact us to discuss your requirements.


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