Security Window Film

Glass can be a window of opportunity for thieves. With security window film, you minimise the chances…

Security window film creates an invisible barrier that holds together broken shards of glass. Having your windows protected with our film allows much more resistant to burglary, such as a smash and grab. It’s important to protect your property from such crimes with security film for windows, no matter how big or small your property is.

On a larger scale, public buildings need to prepare themselves for potential acts of crimes and terrorism. Flying shards of glass can maximise the damage and injuries caused by an explosion. Our window film meets the regulations – BS EN 356 P2A for bomb blast protection.

With the use of Filmcote’s security window film, you can be assured that your property and building is maximised in keeping intruders out. Available for both external and internal use on the glass, our team of expert installation specialists will be able to fit your security window film with ease. With the key element of security film for windows being able to hold broken shards of glass, you minimise the chances of injury to those inside whilst also protecting your commercial or domestic building.

Whether you need to protect your workplace against terrorism or simply want to make your home safer. If you would like more information about our security window film, contact us today.