Safety Film for Windows

If it breaks, make sure it will break safely with Safety Film for Windows

Safety film for windows are anti shatter window film which have proven to be beneficial for both commercial and domestic properties. Regulation 14 of the 1992 Workplace Regulations requires that all low-level glazing at work must be glazed in “a safety or robust material, or shall be protected against breakage”. You don’t need to replace all your glass, but you do need to carry out a risk assessment and take appropriate measures. Installing durable anti shatter window film is a cost-effective way of ensuring your glass meets these regulations.

Glass situated in “critical locations” in a workplace or public building needs to be made from safety material. Retrofitting existing glazing is extremely disruptive and expensive. Filmcote safety film for windows can upgrade your existing glazing to Workplace Glazing Standard EN12600 Class 2B2 at a fraction of the cost of reglazing.

The  safety film for windows increases your properties security without blocking views making them perfect for severe weather conditions too. Safety film for windows is an economical way to reduce damage caused by both crime and vandalism within public buildings, shops and schools etc. The safety feature provides peace of mind knowing that every building has an extra layer of security against possible attacks. It comes in clear or black safety glass colours to suit individual preference in both residential and commercial areas.


Filmcote’s Durable Safety Film for Glass Windows & Doors

Safety film for windows can provide a secure environment in two ways ; durability — making it harder to break through or by limiting your vision — prevent something being seen by the public. 

The  safety film for windows is designed to withstand up to 15,000 cycles in standard safety glass tests making it perfect for severe weather conditions too wherever safety glazing has been recommended. It also comes with an application system that can be fitted on any type of structure including aluminium, steel and wood window frames either at home or work.

The safety film for windows is made of durable PVC that can either be glazed glass safety film or safety laminated providing safety for the glass. The product provides security without replacing the void glass. This anti shatter window film will make your glass less vulnerable to being damaged by impact or penetration and mitigate damage to building interiors and occupants.

Safety Diagram


Having glass windows and doors is a highly effective way to create a feeling of space. However, they also pose a significant security risk that needs to be addressed to ensure that outsiders do not consider your home as an easy target. At Filmcote, we take your security seriously which is why we only use the highest quality of safety glass film for windows and doors. 

This glass window protection film is known to prevent glass-related injuries and accidents significantly as the thicker window film with an extremely aggressive adhesive holds broken glass intact in the event of breakage. It also makes glass safer in the event of an explosion, preventing glass shards from becoming lethal projectiles. 


We consider ourselves the Brand of Strength. Beyond simply shielding your rooms from the harmful effects of the sun, durable & safety film for windows and doors installed by Filmcote can protect your possessions from accidental glass breakage, severe weather, and even unwanted visitors from breaking in as security and safety film for windows makes glass on windows stronger.

When applied, safety film for windows reduces the risk of injuries to people by limiting facial impact, broken glass and penetration accidents. There are also  safety glass films for windows that provide protection during natural disasters such as floods or earthquakes where safety glazing can help to limit injury.

We have the safety film for glass windows to give you peace of mind. So, when accidents or natural disasters occur, anti shatter safety window films are engineered to hold broken glass in place and help prevent shards of glass from causing glass injuries and property damages. Protect your place of work and your family’s home today. 

We provide a free survey and report of your building – contact us to find out more about our anti shatter safety film for windows. Being based in Bristol, we operate throughout the South West region.