How Much Privacy Do You Require?

At Filmcote, we offer a variety of privacy film options

At Filmcote, we offer a variety of privacy film options. We’re always happy to come along and discuss your window film requirements with you. However, it’s always worth asking yourself this question first: How much privacy do I need?

Is the privacy film for a domestic or commercial property?

Domestic Privacy Film

If it’s for a house or flat, the chances are the main uses are to replace net curtains where the building is overlooked, and to ensure that the bathroom windows are as private as possible.

If the window film is to offer an alternative to net curtains, one-way privacy film will suffice. As with net curtains, other blinds or curtains are needed at night; however during the day, this can provide a maintenance-free, contemporary privacy solution. Guaranteed to last at least ten years, one-way privacy film is easy to keep clean, and unlike net curtains or blinds, doesn’t distort the view.

For bathrooms we advice frosted film. This works well both day and night, and also lets in 69% of the natural light during the day. A great option for rooms where you really don’t want to hang curtains at all.

Commercial Privacy Film

If it’s for a commercial building, again it could be for something as simple as the staff toilets, or it could be to create private spaces in an open plan office.

Adding one way privacy film to the external windows of commercial premises gives a smart, clean appearance. Passersby cannot see inside; however you and your colleagues can still enjoy a good level of light and an uninterrupted view of outdoors.

For lavatories and changing rooms, frosted glass gives greater privacy. We would also advise two-way film for office partitions and internal windows, as it gives a good degree of privacy in all light conditions. Frosted glass can be etched with a design of your choice (such as the company logo) to give a smart appearance.

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