Privacy Film Used in Domestic Properties

Domestic Privacy Film Applications available from Filmcote…

Privacy film is the smart, contemporary alternative to net curtains.

Window film is not just for large businesses – it’s great in the residential home too. Filmcote has been providing a window film service to domestic properties for over twenty years.

You may live in a house or flat that directly overlooks the pavement, and you are starting to get fed up with “rubber-neckers”. You may have internal glazed doors and just want a bit more privacy from the kids. Or, it may be a simple case of making sure that the bathroom window is private. Window film is the simple, contemporary solution for a variety of domestic needs.

For decades, we’ve been a nation of net-twitchers. However the net curtains so beloved of sit-coms are not just outdated, they also provide a poor level of light. An application of privacy film gives a nice, even level of light into the room – while ensuring that no one can see in. Unlike nets, they don’t distort the view, giving you a more natural glimpse of outdoors.

A Previous Filmcote Customer Opted for our Frosted Window Film:

Privacy Film installed in a lounge - from Filmcote

As well as letting the natural light in, privacy film is also lower-maintenance than the traditional alternatives. Net curtains require regular washing, and Venetian and vertical blinds are notorious dust traps. With one-way film, you don’t need any additional window coverings during the day. Unless you use a specialist fabric, many blinds will develop unsightly and unhealthy mould in damp rooms such as bathrooms. Frosted window film is a great way of helping to keep this most private room private.

2 Examples of Residential Customers Who Opted For One-Way Window Film:

Privacy Film - One-Way Film for Domestic

Once installed, privacy film does not need any maintenance, and will last for years. It can be kept clean simply by using a soft cloth, and washing with fresh water with just a dash of washing-up liquid. Much easier than cleaning net curtains.

All Filmcote window film is guaranteed for ten years, and will usually last for up to fifteen years before a new application is required.

To find out how privacy film can change your residential home, please contact us. We offer a free, no-obligation quote.

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