Commercial Applications

Business & Commercial Privacy Film Has a Variety of Uses…

Make sure you keep your business to yourself, with Filmcote’s commercial privacy window film.

Available in a variety of options, including one or two-way and blackout window film, it is an efficient and easy way to make sure your glazing works for your business.

Commercial Window Film

In open plan offices, an application of glazing film can help create privacy in an otherwise social space. Window film can be applied to glazed partitions, doors and internal windows. Many large, modern office complexes have rooms without external windows; and window film allows light to filter in through internal windows without compromising on privacy.

Even the most relaxed, friendly and informal businesses occasionally have need for a private meeting, and every HR department needs to make sure that every effort is made to provide confidentiality.

Commercial Solar Window Film

Other uses around the workplace include lavatory and locker room windows; gyms, showers and changing rooms; and kitchens and informal staff rooms. Your premises may be very close to other businesses and require frosted glass on certain external windows. If your business also has a customer-facing aspect, privacy film can be used on any glazed doors between the public and staff-only spaces.

If you want to add a bit of personality, we can arrange to have your company logo or another image cut into or printed on your window film. This can make the workplace look extremely smart, as well as reinforcing your brand on external windows.

Filmcote offers a complete solution to all your commercial & business workplace glazing needs. We can look at solar control and heat reduction, helping to make the workplace both more comfortable and more efficient – window film can reduce your energy costs.  We can also look at making your glass more secure. Please contact us and we can discuss how Filmcote can help to make your workplace more private.