Benefits and Uses of Privacy Film

There are many reasons as to why Privacy Film can benefit you:

It creates privacy

The main benefit of privacy film is, of course, that it enables rooms with glazing to be more private.

Whether you are at home in an overlooked living room, or at work wishing your office wasn’t quite so open plan, Filmcote has the privacy film solution for you.

One-way privacy film acts in much the same way as net curtains, giving excellent privacy during the day. Frosted, two-way window film gives a high degree of privacy both day and night.

You can still see out

Unlike net curtains or blinds, one-way privacy film doesn’t obscure your view. People can’t see in, but you can still see out – perfect.

This is a great option for both domestic and commercial premises that lead directly onto the street, or perhaps are closely overlooked by neighbouring buildings. Just because you don’t want strangers peering in, it doesn’t mean that you don’t want to interact with the outside world at all. One-way film increases privacy without making a room feel claustrophobic.

It is low maintenance

Net curtains need regular washing, as both they and blinds collect dust. Widow film just needs a wipe with a soft cloth and fresh water, with a splash of washing-up liquid – this will keep it in great condition for at least ten years.

This is a great option for buildings with large external windows – or indeed, for anyone who has ever dusted the slats on a Venetian blind…

It is long-lasting

All Filmcote window film is guaranteed for ten years.

We find that window film will actually often last for up to fifteen years – and then it’s simply a case of getting the old film removed and its replacement applied.

It is a cost-effective solution

You don’t need to replace your standard-glazed bathroom window with a completely new one. An application of two-way window film is far cheaper, and can be fitted with practically no disruption.

In the workplace, there is no need for business to grind to a halt while the old glazing is ripped out. Simply choose what sort of window film you require, and we can apply it efficiently and quickly. There is never any need for a perfectly good window to be replaced simply to increase privacy – an application of film will do the same job as a far lesser cost.

For further information about how Filmcote can help you with a privacy problem you may have, contact us today on: 0800 096 0707 or submit an enquiry online.