Privacy Window Film

Privacy film for Window– the contemporary alternative to net curtains

Privacy window film is one type of film that can be used in a variety of applications and there are many types of privacy film — can see out but not in. Probably you are considering a frosted film to block the view but allow light in or perhaps you want something more like a textured glass look to completely distort the view but wanted the light to come through. Many of us live in homes that are overlooked by other properties or are located on busy roads. Here at Filmcote, we offer a variety of residential and commercial window film solutions that promise privacy.

At Filmcote we can provide a domestic & commercial window film that gives you the seclusion that you need. If you are not concerned with the light coming through and you want a higher level of privacy then there are complete block-out films available to make the window glass black or white depending on your preferences. Your neighbours may continue their “net-twitching” – but they won’t be able to see through your windows.


Elegant Alternative to Curtains or Blinds

Glass privacy film is a seclusion product that helps to keep your life private. It can be used in many ways, both for the privacy of personal space and business use. It is a thin sheet of adhesive vinyl that comes in many styles and colours. It is durable & versatile, and provides privacy without compromising light. It creates a minimalist alternative to curtains or blinds, which is elegant and easy to clean.

As a result of its durability, it is popular in commercial settings such as restaurants and office buildings where privacy and cleanliness are valued highly. Another one of privacy film’s best features is it doesn’t attract dirt or dust unless it’s dirty before installation , so cleaning your windows every few is all the maintenance you need for privacy film. Its aesthetic benefits make it a worthwhile investment for residential homes too. With Filmcote offering many shades of privacy film available, privacy is no longer an issue. 

Which privacy window film is right for your home?


One Way Privacy  Film:

One way is a reflective window film and one of the most common type of privacy film; it provides privacy, but you can still see out clearly. This is perfect for creating one-way mirrors when applied to one side of a room divider, or when you need one direction to be private and one direction to be public. If a mirror window film type is applied, it would create a mirrored privacy by not allowing people to see inside while still letting light into the room.

One way Privacy Window Film Solutions from Filmcote

This film solution allows privacy whilst still having good visibility from inside the home or office. Not only do we install for homes, we also supply our privacy solution to commercial businesses – Perfect for adding privacy in the workplace. We can use our films to cover open-plan partitions or glazed doors; so you can add privacy anywhere that is needed.

Frosted Privacy Window Film:

Frosted privacy film is a frosted plastic sheeting that has a frosted appearance when applied to glass. It blurs vision but still offers some transparency for those on the other side of the glass while still allowing light into the space. The strength of this kind of privacy window film can vary depending on its opacity.

They come in varying degrees of frostiness to offer privacy yet still allow some visibility. Instead of blocking out the light, the frosted privacy film provides a modern take on frosted glass that allows you to be able to obscure rooms from view without sacrificing natural light.

Privacy Commercial Window Film Solution from Filmcote

Whatever your need, we will be able to supply the option that is right for you. We offer a wide range of films that offer privacy – we can install blackout, frosted, or one-way film.

Blackout Privacy Window Film :

The blackout film is transparent vinyl that comes with a blackout backing. This film solution is perfect for any room or space where complete darkness is desired without compromise. This type of film  prevents people from seeing what is inside your home or business, much like blinds do.  It can also be used for security to see out without being seen, as these films have a one-way mirror effect.

This  can also reduce solar heat gain in the summer and minimize UV lights when applied to windows that face the sun which will also protect your furniture, carpets and electronics from harmful UV rays by blocking about 99% of them.

Blackout Residential and Commercial Window Film

If you’re thinking “are there any privacy window film companies near me?” – Filmcote is your answer! View our privacy  films pages to find out which is the best option for you. If you would like help or to discuss selecting the right film for your needs, contact our friendly team on 0117 941 4466 or

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