One Way Window Film

One Way Film giving you absolute privacy & enables you to see out – But no-one can see in

Benefits of One Way Window Film in Commercial and Domestics Properties

One way solution is a popular choice for those who like privacy in day-light. Those who are sat in the property are able to see out, whilst those looking in are only able to see a reflection. Here at Filmcote, we have supplied to many businesses  and domestic properties which are overlooked by passer-bys with one way film – A perfect privacy option that’s needed when light is to still enter the room. Simply put, you can see out but not in.

Unlike the frosted windows and curtains or  blinds are needed at night, much the same as they are with net curtains. However, unlike nets, this mirror type film is low-maintenance, gives a clear view of the outside world from within, and allows you to keep your decor clean and contemporary, without the dirt that collects on net curtains. It is a perfect solution to one way view curtains and window treatments. 

Being available in dual-reflective formats means that at night, your windows don’t look like a mirror. Because lighting conditions play a vital role in the success of these films at night, if however you’re unsure on how this type of privacy film solution works, contact our team for a further discussion.

Reflective Window Film — Can’t See In But Can See Out

If you are looking to improve the security of your home or business premises with window film that can’t see in but can see out, reflective window film is one of the most economical ways in which to do it. Reflective treatement is a mirror type film that allows people on one side to see out clearly while people outside cannot see in. One way solution is a mirror window film — can’t see in but can see out.

This unique kind of glass film solution means that anyone on the outside will only be able to see their own reflection, whereas people inside can still enjoy full view outwards. This reflective film is discreet enough to be used in any public building including hospitals, schools and universities without causing offense to visitors who can still see outwards but remain anonymous inside. This is economical and discreet enough for any public building.

As shown above, businesses and homes can really make use of the one-sided film on glass windows or doors  – especially when sensitive information or valuables are always on display. Based in Bristol, our experienced team throughout the South West including areas of Bath, Avon, Swindon, Somerset, Taunton, Wiltshire, Gloucestershire, and Cardiff will ensure you that your property is at less risk with the use of our one-side film.  With this solution,  your house and commercial windows you can see out but not in, are favourable to customers who require a little privacy.

Examples of our Mirror Type Film Treatments






Mirror Type Film for Safety and Security

The reflective mirror window solution is also known as mirrored window films. With this type of privacy solution, you can enjoy the view from inside without being seen. This reflective film limits visibility by up to 99% which is an excellent choice for commercial buildings where you want to maintain privacy but still be able to see outside.

This mirror type one-way window film is one of the most popular window solution used for security and safety across a wide range of applications. It can be used in private homes, commercial buildings and even in automobiles and car windows to prevent vandalism and car theft.

The mirror effect can be achieved both during daylight hours when there is ample lighting on one side of the reflective surface and nighttime conditions with well lit surroundings that provide enough light for illumination on one side of the glass.

There are two types of mirror type films. Glass film with one reflective layer which reflects light back from the side where light originates and allows it to pass through on the other side without reflecting it back. With one way mirror window tinting that has two layers, both sides reflect visible light but one also permits infrared energy (IR) to pass through while the other only reflects IR energy. As a result, the tinting helps prevent fire while providing one-way visibility at the same time.


When privacy is an issue, one way window film is amongst the options available. Please contact us if you would like to discuss in further detail how our team of experts in privacy film installation can help and to find a solution that’s right for you.