Manifestation Dots

Make sure your glazing can be seen with manifestation dots, squares, or customised to your branding

Manifestation Dots are decorative film that’s used in a variety of scenarios. From large glass buildings, to car showrooms and transparent doors and partitions within the office, large areas of transparent glass need to be “apparent” in non-domestic buildings, and we can advise you on what this means for your work premises.

Whether you’re looking for a standard form of manifestation, or something more imaginative, we work with clients throughout the South West areas including: Bristol, Bath, Somerset, Avon, Gloucester, Swindon & Taunton to design, provide and install bespoke manifestation dots that meet your requirements and more. Using our frosted film, the standard shapes are circles and squares, and if required we can create and cut your designs or logos … adding a little more personality to your building and brand!

Large areas of transparent glass in the workplace can often be hazardous. With Filmcote installing manifestation dots at the right points on each piece of glazing, minimises the risk of people walking into it.

For more information on when Manifestation Dots are best used, or to find out more about our services, contact our team today!

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