Frosted Film Patterns & Designs for Commercial Windows

Frosted Designs can make your business stand out

Who says frosted windows have to be boring? We certainly don’t. Frosted window film is a great solution for windows where you really do need privacy, day and night. It’s easily applied to any smooth glass window or door, with minimal disruption. It is the ideal solution for spaces where privacy is essential, but you still want natural light. This allows 69% of the natural daylight to come through; and during the night, it continues to provide a high level of privacy. It can do more than just the job, however. At Filmcote, we can offer a range of frosted window designs for windows.

Commercial Decorative Film

Contact us to see what decorative window film designs we have on offer – you’d be surprised at what a difference a stylish design can make to a window. We offer a selection of traditional and contemporary patterns to suit all decor and tastes, or we can work with you to create an individual design. For our commercial customers, we offer a bespoke window film design service. Popular with our corporate clients, we can incorporate your company logo or a design of your choice into the film, either by cutting the film or printing on it. Printing has the advantage that we can add some colour, helping to reinforce your brand. Our team at Filmcote will work with you on the frosted window designs, to make sure we create something that really helps your premises stand out. And of course, this doesn’t have to be confined to business clients.


Decorative Window Designs & Privacy Film for Doors

Frosted designs can be delivered in a number of different grades, patterns, designs and frost levels offering different degrees of frostiness or opacity to provide the perfect balance between privacy and glare reduction while still allowing natural light transmission. Currently, our most popular product for frosted design is our Clear View frosted window design. This product provides frosty finish for decoration purposes while also enhancing privacy.

Filmcote’s film for glass windows and doors is available in a variety of opaque, translucent and transparent frosting options. The frosting designs are also available in a range of transparency levels, so choose the one which works best with the lighting conditions of your area. Some frosted designs can be transparent while others are opaque, so it’s up to you which frosting effect you want.

Frosted window solution comes in a range of patterns, design and colours including black & white marble pattern, wood grain effect and cobblestone effect . You can request films that are made to the exact dimensions of your glass surfaces. So whether you need it for privacy or for decorative purposes, we patterns & design can take care of all your business’s glass decorating needs


If you have an idea for making your domestic window film a little different, please just get in touch. A popular option is to have frosted window solution applied to just the lower section of the window – giving you some privacy without losing the view – and a design applied to this can look great.