Frosted Privacy Film Used in Domestic Properties

Whatever the time of day, or the levels of light, Filmcote’s frosted solutions gives great privacy.

Unlike one-way film, frosted window film provides two-way privacy. The most common domestic use is for bathrooms, shower rooms, en-suites and cloak rooms. As most of us do not spend time gazing out of the bathroom window but most definitely don’t want anyone else gazing in, this high-privacy option is perfect. It is not easy keeping curtains and blinds mould-free in a damp environment like a bathroom; and as frosted privacy film works well both day and night, it removes the need for any additional window coverings.

Another use is for windows in rooms that are closely overlooked. Examples include windows that look onto communal landings and stairwells, and windows that closely face neighbouring buildings. In these cases you may decide to have the window entirely covered with film – you don’t have much of a view anyway, and privacy and light are the most important concerns.

However it can be a bit trickier if your living room or bedroom is on the ground floor and directly next to a pavement or road and you want round-the-clock privacy without the hassle of nets. In these cases we suggest applying film to the bottom part of the window only, creating some privacy but still enabling you to see out.

Filmcote’s Frosted Privacy Film Used for Domestic Purposes:

White Lounge Lounge Privacy

We can even add a design or pattern to this film to make it look more decorative. This works in much the same way as a “half net” curtain, but gives a more contemporary and less cluttered feel to your window.

Frosted privacy film is quick and straightforward to apply, and doesn’t disrupt your household in the way that having complete new windows fitted does. Then – no more mouldy bathroom blinds, old-fashioned net curtains, or nosy neighbours – and no need to have it re-applied for another ten years. A perfect solution.

For more information about the services we can provide on a domestic level, contact our expert team today. Based in Bristol, we often fulfil many projects throughout Bristol, Bath, Swindon, Taunton, Avon, Somerset, Wiltshire and Gloucestershire. If however you’re a bit further than this, discuss this with a member of the team who will be only too glad to assist.