Frosted Privacy Film for Commercial Applications

At Filmcote we provide a number of commercial premises with frosted privacy film solutions

At Filmcote, we work closely with business clients to help make sure their premises work for them. As well reducing solar glare, saving energy bills and ensuring all glass is secure, we also advice our clients on privacy.

Frosted Window film is an excellent way of improving privacy in the workplace, and is effective for both internal and external glazing.

Frosted Privacy Film for Internal Commercial Glazing:

Open plan offices help to create a positive and friendly environment in the work place. However, colleagues often appreciate a bit of space of their own; and adding frosted privacy film to glazed partitions between work areas can really help to create this – without losing that sense of light and airiness that open plan offices create.

Commercial Decorative Film

Many individual offices have glazed panels in the doors, which helps to create an open culture as well as maximising light. However some rooms – such as the personnel department or the boss’s office – need a greater degree of privacy. Frosted privacy film in these internal windows can make all the difference.

Frosted privacy film for External Commercial Glazing:

This is where frosted privacy film film can really come into its own! As well as providing your premises, colleagues and clients with privacy from the outside world, frosted privacy film can also be used to enhance your brand.

We offer a decorative film service. Frosted privacy film can either be cut to show your company’s name or corporate logo, or printed with an image or words of your choice. The latter option means that we can introduce colour to your windows, which is a great way of highlighting your brand and making your premises visible. We can also offer a combination of the two methods to create a really striking design.


Frosted privacy  film is also an extremely practical option. As it works well whatever the lighting conditions (unlike one-way film, it maintains your privacy when it’s dark outside), it means that cumbersome blinds are unnecessary. Easy to maintain (just clean your windows gently), the film should last for at least ten years. That’s one less thing for your business to think about!

Based in Bristol, we are able to offer services to Bristol, Bath, Avon, Somerset, Wiltshire, Swindon, Taunton and Gloucestershire.