Frosted Window Film

Excellent Privacy Anytime of the Day with Window Frosting Film

Nothing is better than having a little privacy when you need it! Still transmitting 69% of the natural light, frosted window film is a great choice for bathrooms and low-level residential windows. Here are Filmcote, we supply frosted window films throughout the South West and are part of our privacy options available to our clients. Our window frosting film service is available for domestic & commercial properties with a wide range of options, where our professional installation team will come and expertly fit our film onto each application.

Having many years of experience in the industry, our installers within the South West region including areas of Bristol, Bath, Gloucester, Taunton, Swindon, Somerset and Avon but on occasion can travel further afield. With our dedicated team holding a wealth of experience, each work is guaranteed a perfect finish with minimal fuss.

Ideal in the workplace…

In the workplace, partitions or glazed doors are great for open plan offices and if you’re looking for something with a little more personality, a cut to size film printed with your company logo – carried out as part of our decorative solutions.

frosted window film used in offices

It is also perfect for those who have low windows at home. It is the perfect solution for windows where light is still needed into the room, but privacy is of an issue. Being transferred onto any smooth glass surface including double glazed panels, the easy-applied vinyl frosting film will give the appearance of frosted or etched glass.

As seen below, recently, we have a project completed for a commercial meeting room to give a little more privacy whilst the room is in use – without having it completely blacked out. All light from the external windows still flowing through, a professional touch with positive results.

Frosted Window for Corporate Meeting Room

Frosted window film gives the appearance of etched glass. With the frosted type window treatment, you can obtain added security in work spaces. 

frosted window film

frosted window solution installed in an office

Perfect for low-level residential windows…

frosted window film in a domestic property

This is perfect glass window film solution for low level residential windows where light is still needed into the room without compromising your privacy. Being transferred onto any smooth glass surface including double glazed panels, the easy applied frosted vinyl will give the appearance of frosted or etched glass.

This glass window film treatment also provides UV protection to prevent fading, and prevents glass from shattering in the event of an emergency situation or accident. 

The frosted window film also provides some sound-proofing qualities preventing outside noise from invading your home’s privacy. It is this advantage that makes window frosting film treatment ideal for homeowners living in urban areas where there are many people and cars nearby that cause high levels of street noise.

Whether for decorative purposes or for privacy, commercial or domestic, here at Filmcote we ensure we meet your requirements and more on every property.

An Effective way to add privacy and protection for your Commercial or Residential Premises

Frosted window film provides privacy inside while also blocking the view from outside. This style of 2-way film is one of the best options for offices buildings and restrooms where guaranteed privacy is essential and light transmission is desired. Window frosting films for privacy are a very popular option that provide a frosted glass effect on windows or glass panels common in bathrooms, shower enclosures, kitchens, home bars and entertainment areas while still allowing some visibility from the outside.

They come in varying degrees of frostiness to offer privacy yet still allow some visibility. Instead of blocking out the light, frosted window film provides a modern take on frosted glass that allows you to be able to obscure rooms from view without sacrificing natural light. Quite often frosting film may be required for legal purposes such as partitions between workstations or cubicles in open office spaces where maintaining high levels of privacy is vital during business hours but the frosted glass look is not desired.


Next Steps…

We’ve shown examples of how window frosting film can make a difference in both domestic and commercial properties. With this frosted window film providing an immediate solution to privacy, please contact us to discuss your requirements in further detail. Please visit our privacy case studies page where more examples can be given on our previous projects.