Decorative Window Film

Use your windows to promote your brand! Here at Filmcote — Decorative Window Film UK wide Services

Decorative window film from Filmcote can be printed, cut or even altered to display your company’s logo so that consumers can immediately recognise your buildings premises or promotional aim. Additionally we can print colour images onto clear window film for a more striking approach – either way, we here at Filmcote, our expert team will work with you to create something that outstands and looks great on your windows.

Filmcotes decorative film for windows is ideal for any business wanting to promote their branding on windows. Our decorative film allows you to stand out from the crowd and your competitors with a professional design, cut and installation, our dedicated installation team will ensure your branding is placed on your glazing with minimal fuss.

Filmcote’s Decorative Window Film used inside Commercial Offices:

White Frost Manifestation
Alongside our standard decorative window film, we also provide Contravison, which is a holed film that has your branding or images on the outside; as seen on buses. This is perfect when you want an apparently solid image on the outside of your glass but still want to see out. Filmcote will be able to personalise the window film for your business needs – whatever they may be.

decorative window film


In modern architecture, glass has become a blank canvas for designers to create stunning walls that allow for varying levels of privacy and light-flow to interiors and Filmcote are very well known for delivering excellent design decorative window film solutions in the UK.  With a wide range of options to match your home and office interiors or exteriors, our decorative film can be produced in numerous patterns that will match your demands which can become instant branding tools and corporate marketing devices. 

Our decorative films come in a range of colours and can be cut in any pattern to achieve the look you want. So, if you would like to add a splash of colour to your windows, you can opt for a fully customised design of our decorative glass film which will absolutely add aesthetic value to any home or corporate fits. It is a cost-efficient way to change the look of your glass without the need to replace it. 

Make your plain glass door or partition stand out with Filmcote’s decorative window film — UK wide service.  Providing less expensive, more versatile, artistic options compared to etched glass and a wide array of decorative films for commercial and residential projects. 

If you would like more information or would want to discuss about our decorative window films, contact us today. With many companies offering decorative window film UK wide, here at Filmcote we like to offer our customers specialist services in nearby areas to Bristol including Bath, Swindon, Avon, Somerset, Taunton, Wiltshire and Gloucestershire. Knowing we get in right without no hiccups, our team are always just a short distance away to assist you on your decorative window film requirements. Call us today on 0800 096 0707 to discuss a project you may have.