Conservatory Roof in Abbots Leigh, Somerset


Following the usual story of overheating conservatories a client contacted us to see how we could improve the comfort of their conservatory with a glass roof.

We get excited about these jobs as we know how delighted the client will potentially be should they decide to proceed!


Glass Roof Conservatory Film

After providing a free visit to measure up and provide a demonstration of how the film works the client decided of a dual reflective film which cuts 85% of glare and 80% of heat. This film doesn’t look like a mirror at night when the lights are tunred on so ideal for domestic use.
The film gives the conservatory a more enclosed and cosy feel whilst cutting excessive heat and glare providing a comfortable recreational room.

The Client says:

“The addition of Window Film to our conservatory has made it comfortable in sunny weather and is no longer a no go. The operatives worked efficiently covering blinds etc and the clean up afterwards was well done. Leaving everything clean and spotless. Many Thanks.”

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