Conservatory Roof Film

Reduce the Heat and Effect of UV light with Conservatory Glass Film

Is your conservatory too hot? Here at Filmcote, we support conservatories with both polycarbonate and glass roofs. Having a range of conservatory roof film, we ensure that our customers throughout the South West can be guaranteed a solution for their troublesome heat problems which can arise.

A conservatory is a great addition to the home, whether it’s used for growing plants or as a hobby room. A conservatory is typically located in an area of high sunlight exposure, making it harder for heat to escape through reflective walls and heating up the conservatory rapidly. Conservatories are known to be an attractive source to the sun and they inevitably become unusable for most – particularly those with clear glass roofs.

What’s the point in this extra room where it becomes a trap for warmth and becomes too hot to relax in? Here at Filmcote, we offer a solution to reduce the heat by great amount with our Conservatory roof film. The conservatory glass film allows light into the conservatory while still helping you maintain a comfortable temperature inside.

… Window Blinds and curtains won’t keep your conservatory cool

Many think blinds are the answer. Window Blinds and curtains won’t keep your conservatory cool because the sun’s rays have already entered the room before hitting these blocks. With conservatory glass film available from Filmcote, it is applied to each panel and reflects up to 80% of the heat – shielding your conservatory and its contents from high temperatures and issues of fading.

Another great thing about conservatory roof film, unlike blinds, is that it still enables you to see out and transmit natural sunlight even in the height of summer. Keeping your conservatory at a moderate temperature throughout the year, you can continue to use it all year round when conservatory glass film is applied. They also help protect furniture, carpets and curtains against ultraviolet rays.


… Benefits of Applied Conservatory roof Film

Conservatory Glass Film —  is a heat control conservatory roof film designed to protect your conservatories by filtering out ultraviolet light, visible light as well as an infrared light all while reducing glare making your stay inside your conservatory comfortable. 

The conservatory roof film helps regulate the temperature disparity between the sunny and the shady areas inside the room making it cooler despite being under the open sun as it filters solar radiation passing through glass to effectively reduce heat buildup. The conservatory glass film helps in conserving heat in a conservatory. This is because conservatories tend to lose heat at a very fast rate and the glass film resists the entrance of solar radiation which usually causes the loss of energy and heats up the environment. This conserves more than 30% of energy, thus reducing your energy bills by up to 60%.

… Our Conservatory Glass Film range provides great solutions

In summer conservatories can easily become too hot when the air temperature is significantly higher than outside, conservatory roof film acts as a barrier slowing down heat transfer. In conservatories, conservatory roof film acts as a reflective shield from UV rays from the sun. Conservatories become cooler in hot weather using conservatory glass film whenever there is no sun out. It also stops heat loss in cold weather and keeps conservatory air temperature hot in summer.

In winter conservatories are heated by sunlight passing through glass – conservatory roof film reflects up to 95% of this radiation. It retains heat during cold nights when radiant energy has been collected by conservatory glass film. During the day conservatories will not lose heat using conservatory roof film. Conservatories keep their heat better than uninsulated rooms and require less heat input using conservatory roof film.


Filmcote offers conservatory glass film which will transform your conservatory completely! The beautiful translucent conservatory roof film will make your conservatory extra bright by diffusing light, complementing any decorating scheme. Our conservatory films are also available in different thicknesses, depending on the conservatory’s size and whether you need conservatory glass film for solar radiation protection or to insulate the conservatory so it can be used all year round.

To eliminate factors that make your conservatory too hot and as part of our solar control window film range, call our team today to discuss the options for our conservatory roof film. Based in Bristol, we have completed many projects throughout the South West region including areas of Bath, Swindon, Taunton, Gloucestershire and Wiltshire.