Conservatory Glass Film – For Roofs & Windows

Is your conservatory too hot?

Is your conservatory too hot? Here at Filmcote, we support conservatories with both polycarbonate and glass roofs. Having a range of conservatory roof film, we ensure that our customers throughout the South West can be guaranteed with a solution for their troublesome heat problems which can arise.

Conservatories are known to be an attractive source to the sun and they inevitably become unusable for most – particularly those with clear glass roofs. What’s the point in this extra room where it becomes a trap for warmth and becomes too hot to relax in?

… Window Blinds and curtains won’t keep your conservatory cool

Many think blinds are the answer. Window Blinds and curtains won’t keep your conservatory cool because the sun’s rays have already entered the room before hitting these blocks. With conservatory window film available from Filmcote, it is applied to each panel and reflects up to 80% of the heat – shielding your conservatory and its contents from high temperatures and issues of fading.

Another great thing about our glass window film, unlike blinds, is that it still enables you to see out and transmit natural sunlight even in the height of summer. Keeping your conservatory at a moderate temperature throughout the year, you can continue to use it all year round when conservatory film is applied.

… Our Conservatory Roof Film range provides great solutions

To eliminate factors that make your conservatory too hot and as part of our solar control window film range, call our team today to discuss the options for our conservatory film range. Based in Bristol, we have completed many projects throughout the South West region including areas of Bath, Swindon, Taunton, Gloucestershire and Wiltshire.

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