Gymnasium at The University of the West of England


We were asked to attend the gymnasium at The University of the West of England, as there had been complaints from users that it was uncomfortably hot.


Heat Reduction Window Film

Given the large areas of south east and south facing glass, we recommended a 15% visible light transmission film which was non reflective internally at night yet reflective from the outside, giving maximum heat rejection. This film offers 80% heat rejection and 85% glare reduction.

The gym is in use all day every day, so installation would have to be carried out while the gym was open. We arranged for our installers to be on site at 0630 before the gym opened, enabling them to set up and cordon off certain areas.

The installation made a huge difference to the building. We even picked up another job from one of the gym members, as they were so impressed!

The client says:

The film has made a huge difference to the gym temperature – you can now feel the air conditioning working.  The works were non-disruptive and carried out whilst the gym was in use.  We have just placed an order to have the Aerobics Studio treated with the same product.

Many thanks,

P Mounter
Facilities Services, UWE.

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