Bristol Airport

Enhancing Passenger Comfort:

The primary goal of this installation is to create a more comfortable environment for passengers awaiting their flights. By reducing heat and glare, Filmcote’s solar film transforms the departure lounges into spaces that are not only visually inviting but also more pleasant, ultimately improving the passenger experience. The solar control window films employed by Filmcote are specially designed to mitigate the impact of solar radiation. By filtering out excessive heat and glare, passengers can relax and enjoy their time at the airport without discomfort or visual disturbances. This cutting-edge technology ensures that Bristol Airport remains a preferred choice for travellers.

Financial Benefits Through Energy Savings:

After providing a free visit to measure up and provide a demonstration of how the film works the client decided on a dual-reflective film which cuts 85% of glare and 80% of heat. This film doesn’t look like a mirror at night when the lights are turned on so ideal for domestic use. The film gives the conservatory a more enclosed and cosy feel whilst cutting excessive heat and glare providing a comfortable recreational room.

A Sustainable and Forward-Thinking Solution:

Filmcote Limited’s project at Bristol Airport is a testament to their commitment to providing sustainable and forward-thinking solutions to businesses committed to reducing their
carbon footprint and net zero targets. By reducing the load on the air conditioning system and decreasing energy consumption, this installation aligns with the airport’s sustainability goals. It’s a win-win situation, where passengers enjoy greater comfort, and the environment benefits from reduced energy usage.

Kyle Minchin, Director of Filmcote Ltd, stated, “We are delighted to have been part of this transformative project at Bristol Airport. Our solar control window films have not only
improved passenger well-being but also provided a smart financial investment. We believe that sustainable solutions can drive both comfort and cost-efficiency.”

Richard Withey, the Energy Efficiency Manager at Bristol Airport, expressed his satisfaction with the recent solar film installation, stating, “It has been an excellent experience from the initial visit through to delivery. The installers were polite and professional and worked well in the busy operational environment; we have already noticed a significant temperature reduction in the lounges treated.”

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