Anti Glare Window Film

We’ve all had to squint at our computer screens on sunny days… Anti glare Window Film helps reduce the amount of glare coming through each window!

Excessive glare is at best irritating and at worst can lead to headaches and eyestrain and having an anti glare window film installed can be a great help. Here at Filmcote we readily supply glare reduction film to a variety of properties including both commercial and domestic environments to help you get on with day-to-day tasks without the sun causing an issue.

The glare reduction window film is an anti reflective and solution used on home, office and car windows to reduce reflection caused by sunlight or other bright lights. It can reduce reflections by up to 90%, which allows for better visibility and reduces eye strain.

Commercial Anti Glare Film

A great advantage about anti glare solution is that unlike curtains or blinds, it reduces intrusive UV light by up to 95%, while letting natural light to pass and maintaining good visibility from the inside out. Filmcote offers offers variety of shades and finishes meaning that no matter what your requirements, we can help.

Domestic Glare Reduction Film

With a large majority of the sun-rays prevented from entering your room, whether you’re working at a desktop, watching TV or even are a prime sufferer of migraines, the use of anti glare film is advantageous. Enjoy your favourite television programme or read your emails without competing with the sun with the help of our glare reduction film installed by Filmcote professionals.

Reduce the Amount of Glare while Still Letting in the Natural Light with Glare Reduction Window Film

Your windows provide you with a view, create a sense of space, and natural light as the sun’s rays pour in and typically glare are dealt with by covering the windows with drapes and blinds which unfortunately eliminate the benefits of view, space and natural light. Filmcote’s anti glare solution can reduce the amount of glare entering your home while still enjoying the benefits of natural sunlight.

Our glare reduction film can also reduce the amount of glare coming from digital devices such as televisions, computer monitors and cell phones. In these instances, anti glare solution would be an effective addition to laptop screens or other devices where anti reflective protection is required. 

The anti-glare properties of this kind of window tint work by allowing light to pass through it but reflecting away any potentially blinding reflections that hit a surface within a particular angle.


Helps Reduce the Risk of Fading and Damages

Anti glare window film can also reduce fading on furnishings by blocking excess heat and harmful UV rays from reaching fabrics and upholsteries inside buildings. This provides added comfort for those inside buildings while reducing the risk of damage to furniture, flooring and even pictures that are exposed to the sun.

This is especially important for protecting items such as leather couches or expensive carpets which could be at high risk for fast wear if exposed to sunlight.

Filmcote’s Anti Glare Solutions in both Domestic & Educational Settings:

Anti Glare Window Film in the Office

If you would like more information about our anti glare film and the options available to you, please contact us today.

Based in Bristol, we regularly carry out installations throughout Bath, Swindon, Taunton, Somerset, Avon, Wiltshire and Cardiff too.